About Us

We are a group of gamers, sci/fi and fantasy fans who decided we needed a convention closer to home. Our convention features authors, artists, comics, gaming, entertainment, a kid’s track, guests and cosplay.

We are fans of gnomes and know not to fall under the spell of elves. We dream about dice and game tiles and wonder how we will ever make it through the elusive dungeon of our dreams. We know you should check for loot cautiously in any endeavor and look forward to meeting you in March!

-the Gnome Enclave


Here’s our legal GnomeCon Bylaws that will make your eyes bleed reading it. Unless you are a lawyer and understand legalese. That’s a +3 for language skills for you.

In all Seriousness here is our Official Mission Statement:

GnomeCon, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to education, literacy, and creativity through the spectrum of the science-fiction / fantasy multi-genre culture, hosting yearly conventions and events which highlight these important aspects.