Silent Auction Saturday – Oct. 10


Welcome to our first installment of Silent Auction Saturday for GnomeCon 2016. This is your chance to get the scoop on some of the items we’ll be featuring in our silent auction. Feel free to browse (drool at your own risk) while the spouse and kids are still in bed. Our featured item this week is this 11×17 print of […]

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GnomeCon Donates $2,000 to Live Oak Public Library


A check for $2,000 was presented to the Live Oak Public Library at its May board meeting. GnomeCon representatives Sheala Bacon and Philip Schweier were on hand to present funds the check – the largest donation in the event’s four year history. Money was raised through a book sale of science fiction and fantasy books, a silent auction, and other […]

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Miss Sinister to Share Cosplay Tips at Gnomecon

GnomeCon is pleased to annoucne that Atlanta-area cosplayer Miss Sinister will be joining us this year. We can look forward to her sharing some of her costuming secrets and make-up magic. If you visit her Facebook page or other social media (links below), you can see photos of her in a variety of characters from the worlds of comic books, […]

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Comedian Phil Keeling Returns to GnomeCon

When you need a break from your gaming, GnomeCon invites you to share a laugh or three with your GnomeCon friends. We are proud to welcome back comedian Phil Keeling. His combination of manic intellectualism and vulgarity has caused comedian/producer Lee Keeler to call him “a combination of Oscar Wilde and Larry Flynt.” Keeling began smashing heads with the laughter […]

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Miniature Painting Demo at Dick Blick Art Supplies

Blick Art Materials

HEY! Y’know know those nifty miniatures you see in games like Blood Bowl, Dystopian Wars and Warhammer? Some of your gnomies will be doing a painting demo Saturday, February 28, from 12-2 p.m. at Dick Blick Art Supplies, 318 East Broughton Street, in downtown Savannah. Scheduled demonstrations include: • Painting Science Fiction Armor in 28mm scale Featured Painter, Eric Causeway of […]

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Sneak Peek at GnomeCon’s Warhammer 40K Demos

The Imperial Forgeworld of Corinthe is in turmoil and embroiled in bitter war. The planet’s ancient loyalties to the Imperium have been broken, and the people of Cornthe have embraced the ways of the Tau Empire. To restore order to the planet Corinthe, the Imperium has dispatched the red-armored Blood Angels. Phaeron Onel, of the once mighty Necron Lords, sees […]

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GnomeCon Welcomes Comic Artist Dean Motter

Dean Motter, artist/writer and designer, will be paying Savannah a visit for GnomeCon 2015. Last year, he commemorated the 30th anniversary of his creation, Mister X, with the mini-series, Razed Expectations, an Xmas Special, a poster book, and new T-shirts. In recent years he has created work for Batman: Black and White, Wolverine, The Shadow, The Spirit, and the award-winning […]

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Twilight Imperium Invades GnomeCon

Twilight Imperium – one of the cornerstone space-age tabletop strategy games of our time. There isn’t a gamer out there who hasn’t heard of or played the legendary title. Immense yourself in a galaxy filled with turmoil. Take command of your race and lead your empire to galactic victory through multiple means. Will the galaxy fear you, or love you? […]

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Pathfinder Games Running All Through GnomeCon

Pathfinder will have a strong presence at GnomeCon 2015, with several games running virtually the entire weekend. There will be multiple sessions of Pathfinder Society featured, sponsored by SCARAB, ( For a schedule of when games will be run, click here. Society Organized Play is a worldwide fantasy role playing campaign that puts players in the role of an agent […]

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Steampunk Author Winfield H. Strock III to Attend GnomeCon

Cold War submarine veteran, Winfield H. Strock III, has finally discovered his life’s passion in writing. And it only took a brush with death for him to take his calling seriously. As a hotel night desk clerk Winfield struggled to begin his life anew in the civilian world. Bored by bad television and infomercials, he took to writing as a […]

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