Best Dressed Gnome Contest

We’re looking for the best dressed gnome.

Figurines, dolls, your baby brother – it matters not – if they’re dressed like a gnome then you can enter GnomeCon’s first Best Dressed Gnome Contest!!!  Or if you have a gnome and you want to dress him up – bring that too!

Members are allowed as many entries as they like.  The best dressed gnome parade starts promptly at 8 pm on Saturday. Our expert panel of judges will announce the winner and prizes – that’s right, prizes – will be given out at 8:30. There will be First and Second place, a 1st Place Kids* and a $1 pay-per-vote People’s Choice. Proceeds from the People’s Choice go directly into GnomeCon’s donation pool for the Live Oak Public Library.

1st Place – $25 GnomeCon Store Bucks
2nd  Place – $15 GnomeCon Store Bucks
1st Place Kids – $15 GnomeCon Store Bucks
People’s Choice – winner chooses book for library donation
All kids in the contest get a certificate for participating – no gnome goes away empty handed.
So get handy, get creative – get gnoming and come join the fun!
* subject to change based on participation