Double Exposure Supports GnomeCon’s Play-to-Win

envoyDouble Exposure, Inc. was a highlight of last year’s GnomeCon. We’ve been blessed to be part of their Envoy program, helping to share the love of board gaming while giving away some free product to our attendees. Literally – thousands of dollars worth. It’s a win-win for everybody, and not many games can say that.

Well, guess what? They’re coming back again, and bringing even more! Full details are not yet finalized, but thanks to Double Exposure, we are expecting play-to-win support from more than 20 game companies, including:

Stronghold Games: Coal Baron – The Great Card Game; Fuji Flush

Bezier Games: Colony; New York Slice

R&R Games: Swipe Out!; Pickle Letter

Smirk & Dagger Games: Dead Last; J’Accuse

Indie Boards & Cards: Grifters; Coup; Roar-a-Saurus

Gorilla Games: Desert Island; The Worst Game Ever; The Best Expansion Ever

USAopoly: Star Trek Panic; Munchkin Marvel; Harry Potter – Hogwarts Battle

Grandpa Beck’s Games: Skull King; Cover Your Assets; Nuts About Mutts

Mayday Games: Garbage Day; Dungeon Busters; AssassinCon

Thames & Kosmos: Dimension; Imhotep

Overworld Games: Exposed; Good Cop Bad Cop

Allsaid & Dunn: Bin’Fa – The Tao of War

Chara Games: Commissioned; 3 Seeds

Fireside Games: Here, Kitty, Kitty!; The Village Crone

Hack and Slash Games: Ophidian 2360 (2-player Play-to-Win kit)

Wattsalpoag Games: A Fistful of Penguins; Claim It!; Jet Set

Tasty Minstrel Games: Flip City; Harbour

Studio Woe: Gruff; Clash of the Battle Goats

Grail Games: Jeju Island; Elevenses; Circus Flohcati

Greater Than Games: Sentinels of the Multiverse; New Bedford; Compounded

INI, Inc.: Never Have I Ever; Dabble

Facade Games: Salem

Breaking Games: Boomtown Bandits; 4 the Birds

Portal Games: Tides of Madness; My Happy Farm

HABA USA: Adventure Land; Go Cuckoo

Paw-Warrior Games: Ambyria: Shroud of the Shadow Demon

Pandasaurus Games: Starfall; The Game (On Fire)

Baksha Games: Little Drop of Poison

Endless Spiral: Battle Monkeys

Victory Point Games: Healthy Heart Hospital

For a complete list of Envoy affiliates, visit