Costume and Cosplay Contest

gc.PM2017 secondHello CosGnomes!

We welcome all cosplayers and contests for 2017.

Contest on Saturday at 4pm.


We love costumes!!!!


Cosplay Contest

1. Kids (17 and under)
A. Best Costume
B. Best Performance
2. Adults (18 and over)
A. Best Costume
B. Best Performance
3. Group (kids and adults)
A. Best Costume
B. Best Performance

Costumes will be judged thusly:

CONSTRUCTION: How well has the costume been constructed?
DESIGN: Is the costume properly designed to fit the wearer?
ACCURACY: How accurate to the reference material is the costume?
PERFORMANCE: How well does the cosplayer perform the character?
CREATIVE USE OF MATERIALS: How accurately do the materials used replicate the actual materials from which the costume would be constructed in the setting?

–      Pre-judging: all contestants must go the Devil May Care Cosplay booth and register prior to 3pm. No additional contestants may join after 3pm.

–      Contest will be held at 4pm.