Costume and Cosplay Contest

Hello CosGnomes!

We welcome all cosplayers and contests for 2018.

Gnomecon Cosplay categories and rules:

Pro: This is for cosplayers who have built their costumes from the ground up, and for cosplayers who have won previous contests or take commissions for building costumes.

Amateur: This is for cosplayers with bought costumes and cosplayers who are new to the cosplay community and want to throw in their hands at a contest.

Group: This is for cosplayers who have a group of like minded friends, no costume entered into the group category can be entered into any of the other cosplay categories.

Youth: This is for cosplayers 14 years of age and under.

Sign up:

All cosplay contestants are required to sign up for the cosplay contest and their category by 2PM at the Devil May Care Cosplay and Production table.

At sign up every cosplayer must present themselves and their costumes for a pre judging, this is where you will have 1 minute to tell the judges about your cosplay and what went into it’s creation.


The Youth category will be judged at 2PM on Saturday with each contestant getting 1 minute to give a small performance to show off their costume and knowledge of their character.

The Amateur category will be judged at 4PM on the Saturday with each contestant receiving 1 minute to give a performance demonstrating their costume and knowledge of their character.

The Pro category will be judged at 5PM on the Saturday with each contestant getting 1 minute to perform and demonstrate their costume and their knowledge of their character.

The Group Category will be judged at 6PM on the Saturday with each group getting on minute to perform a skit.

Judging criteria:

Each category will be judged on performance and accuracy of the costume. Pro cosplayers will also be given extra points based on the accuracy and quality of their costume so providing a sample of the source material (pictures of the character) will help, as well as the clever use of crafting materials.

Remember cosplay is made up of two components – Costume and Play… Have fun.

And now…


Costuming Tips – From Devil May Care

1: Measure Twice, Cut Once:

When creating custom costumes, take your time and measure your fabric and materials carefully before you cut or attach. Nothing is more frustrating than finishing out a beautiful tunic or chest plate only to find out it is two inches too small.

2: Plan your time:

Con crunch is a real thing, you plan your costumes, you get all the materials and you are ready to get going. Then life happens and the con is in a week. DON’T PANIC, sit down and plan your time, that extra episode of Game of Thrones can wait for another night, put that hour into your costume instead.

3: patience is a virtue:

Rushing your costume can lead to disastrous results. We have all been there and been lost in making something epic, you finally look up from your costume trance and look at your master piece you put together in two hours and you find three seams are backwards. Take your time and check every step of the process, it will take longer to finish but it will save you many upsets and redos later on.

4: Hot glue is hot:

When working with craft foam/ EVA foam and other materials for armour pieces remember that hot glue and skin are not friends. Several first time cosplayers have suffered the loss of fingerprints for weeks on end when not handling their hot glue carefully.