Gaming & GM Info


GnomeCon Board Games

Beginners welcome! We have a game library of more than 300 games for people to choose from, featuring board and war games from such publishers as Mayfair Games (Settlers of Catan), Fantasy Flight Games (Twilight Imperium, A Game of Thrones, Arkham Horror), Steve Jackson Games (Munchkin),  Avalon Hill (Risk, Axis & Allies), Rio Grand Games (Carcassonne, Galaxy Trucker), many of which are on the schedule. Gamer’s personal collections of games are welcome.

Collectible Card Games

Card game events are in the works for Magic: The Gathering and Spoils.

Gaming Panels

If we can tear the people from the tables, we try to hold occasional game-related panels throughout the weekend.

Live Action Role Plays (LARPs)

We are working on having LARPing events throughout the weekend.

Miniatures Games

A variety of miniature based games as well as war games are being planned, including the following games: Heroclix,  WarMachine, Monsterpocalypse, Star Wars X-Wing, Wings of Glory and more.

Role Playing Games

Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, GnomeCon Module and many other RPGs are being planned. Beginners welcome. Pathfinder Society will also run games all weekend.

GnomeCon recognizes the important role GMs play in the building of the hobby and the enjoyment players receive from table top gaming. It is the intention of the convention to recruit and retain GMs who play well organized, wholesome, fair, efficient and enjoyable games.

Gamemasters who are choosing to lead a few games during the con are expected to register a membership as any other attendee. After your registration, contact the to schedule your games.

Tournament Organizers and DemoMasters who are leading 8 hours or more of games should contact the gamemaster before registration. If you wish to host a tournament or demo, please contact

By running your events at GnomeCon, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You will begin and end your events at the time specified.
  • You will allow only attendees with the appropriate badges to participate in your events.
  • You will not move your events from their scheduled locations or occupy more space than allocated without the approval of GnomeCon staff for that area.
  • You understand that running events at GnomeCon does not make you an employee or volunteer of GnomeCon.

WE ARE NO LONGER TAKING GameMaster Applications. See you soon!