Game Demos at GnomeCon

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran gamer or a newbie, GnomeCon has a game for you. Just have a seat and we’re sure to teach you a new game that may very well become your favorite. Among the new games to be demonstrated at GnomeCon will be Netrunner, Mice & Mystics and Clay-o-Rama.

netrunnerAndroid: Netrunner, published by Fantasy Flight Games, is an exciting living card game with a cyberpunk theme. Designed by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering, it is set in a dystopian future where powerful megacorporations must protect their valuable data from elite hackers known as runners. This demo is sponsored by the Augusta Book Exchange.

In Clay-o-Rama, players create their own “claydonian” creatures, assign them powers and battle for supremacy. The game was designed simply as a way to have a fun time with friends and family. It is extremely light on rules, easy to play, and runs approximately 30 minutes or so. The only limit is the players’ imagination.

mice-mysticsMice & Mystics is a cooperative adventure game in which the players adopt the roles of heroes who have been turned into mice. Thrust together into an ever-changing and interactive environment, they must race through the castle must work together to save an imperiled kingdom. The game features a rich storyline the players help create as they play, and an ever-changing and interactive environment.