GnomeCon Hosts HeroClix Events

GnomeCon will be hosting a series of events featuring HeroClix, the popular miniature game featuring your favorite comic book heroes and villains. Each event will accommodate up to 16 players.

Friday evening from 6-9 pm will feature an open constructed event for up to 16 players, 600 points. No colossal, resources or vehicles.
Saturday 6-9 pm will be a keyword themed event, also for up to 16 players. Sunday, from 11 am-2 pm, will be a “Fabulous Five” competition. Each team must have a “soldier,” a “mystical,” a figure under 35 pts.  A figure under 35 pts, a figure with a range of 8 or more, a “ruler” or “celebrity” PLUS a relic. 600 points, 16 players

Once again, Darren Dew will be the gamemaster, so win or lose, it’s sure to be a lot of fun.