GnomeCon Hosts Savannah’s Premier Improv Comedy Team.

Voted Connect Savannah‘s Best of 2014 Comedy Team, Odd Lot Improv Troupe hosts weekly shows that are fun, fast paced, and family friendly. Interactive and unscripted, their shows engage the audience with a myriad of games and fun.

The Odd Lot started way back in 2008 with an improvised performance of “A Christmas Carol.” According to the group’s website, “The idea of improvising classic literature appealed to us, and we soon became the Literary Improv League, an Improv group that improvised the basic plot of classic literature. We had a few performances, and wanted to do more.”

Then the space they were working in changed hands and became Muse Arts Warehouse, and the group was offered the opportunity to work at the Muse space once a week. “We were very excited about the opportunity, but not so much about the idea of doing a book a week. That is a lot of reading. So, we gave ourselves a gritty reboot, and emerged as the Odd Lot Comedy Troupe.”

They now host a complete improvisational show every week, fueled by audience suggestions. The response has been positive, and the group is growing quickly, having  recently moved into production of stage plays with great success.

“Our future is full of dreams, schemes, notions, and whims, and we can’t wait for you to see what we come up with next!”