GnomeCon Welcomes Game Designer Richard Borg

Richard Borg is a game designer best known for the Command and Colors System, but also well regarded for many other designs. Borg had his first game, Liars Dice, published in 1987 by Milton Bradley. This design was later republished as Bluff by F.X. Schmid in 1993 and went on to win the 1993 Spiel des Jahres. Borg continued in game design through the ’90s, eventually introducing the Command and Colors system in 2000 with Battle Cry. Perhaps his best known game is Memoir ’44, published by Days of Wonder.

Notable Games
• 1987 Liars Dice
• 1993 Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel
• 2000 Battle Cry
• 2000 Hera and Zeus
• 2004 Memoir ’44
• 2006 Commands & Colors: Ancients
• 2006 BattleLore
• 2010 Commands & Colors: Napoleonics