GnomeCon Welcomes Game Designer Robert Burke

gnomesGnomeCon is proud to welcome game designer Robert Burke, an independent game designer from Charlotte, NC. His published games include Cartoona and Gnomes: the Great Sweeping of Ammowan, two well-received family games which he will be demoing at Gnomecon 2013.

Cartoona is a wacky, tile-laying, creature-building game perfect for families with children of all ages. The game encourages creativity, strategic thinking and social interaction. Players compete by building colorful, and sometimes hilarious, cartoon creatures from different cartoon creature part tiles.

Cartoona is an excellent game for families.” according to, and Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower said “This is a fantastic family game, people are going to love putting the tiles together.”

Gnomes: the Great Sweeping of Ammowan may best be described as a family-friendly, scavenger hunt/storytelling game. It has been built from the ground up with the sole purpose of igniting the imagination of children. It can be run as a simple adventure for small children like an Easter egg hunt, as an immersive adventure with clues and riddles, as a scavenger hunt, as a map reading adventure or as a GPS adventure. Create shared memories of the time when your family “saved the gnomes of Ammowan.”

“Gnomes provided what few other games can: an immersive experience for the entire family. It was like having a mini-Disney in my backyard: the children were enraptured by the magic, and we as parents lived through their excitement.” – Dice Hate Me

“Your reward will be the look of excitement and amazement on the faces of the little geeks as they suddenly ‘see’ a new and magical world where yesterday there was none. And for a brief time, you’ll be a child again, too. The world will seem bigger, brighter and more marvelous than before.” – Father Geek

“The kids had a blast. For anyone who has ever had The Elf on the Shelf this is a perfect step up w/ limitless possibilities” – The Cardboard Jungle