Hello and welcome to GnomeCon 2017!

gc.PM2017 secondHello Gnomies!

Welcome to the ‘no we didn’t fall into a Pokémon black hole’ start of GnomeCon 2017!

We are making some changes for the next year! We have heard what our gnomes want and are working on some awesome improvements.

We hear you traveling gnomes prefer a con center with a hotel. DONE.

Like dessert best? YOU GOT IT! We are streamlining down to our most popular activities and events! This includes games and more games, interactive shows and entertainment (Professor Fear and such), vendors, and kids activities.

Want discount tickets? NO PROBLEM. We will be running a fall special!

And YES we are still happily supporting literacy through the Live Oak Public Library. A good place to find great books. And Pokémon it seems.

Stay tuned for further updates and details.