Just in Time for the Holidays! GnomeCon is on Zazzle

Having a hard time finding that perfect gift for the geek on your gift giving list? They’ve got the Firefly blu-ray, they don’t need another Batman T-shirt, and that Boba Fett statue is just way beyond your budget.

Well, fear not. GnomeCon is here to help. We’ve got a wonderful selection of gifts suitable for that hard-to-buy-for fan. We’ve got full color shirts for gnomes big or small, and a sturdy tote bag to carry them in. Or your games, comics or anything else that needs toting. They come in a variety of styles, all at affordable prices.

So pop on over to Zazzle for that one-of-a-kind present you can’t find anywhere else. Imagine their surprise Christmas morning (or Festivus) when they unwrap a unique, hard-to-find collector’s item. “How did you know?” they’ll ask.

Just say a little gnome told you.