LARPing at GnomeCon

For the first time at GnomeCon, there will be a Mind’s Eye Society LARP event!

What is LARP? It stands for Live Action Role Playing. If you fancy a wee bit o’ play acting in the world of vampires, werewolves or other scenarios, this is the program for you.

Though not all of these will be sponsored by the Mind’s Eye Society, here are some of the LARPing games GnomeCon will feature:

Friday Night
The Tribunal
7-10 pm
in a totalitarian military, two people get accused of stealing bread and are set to be executed. Players are given varying agendas, opposing or supporting the two accused, and must work to get the majority of soldiers on their side before the captain comes to question everyone.

Vampire: the Masquerade – Shadows of Ivory
The young ancilla Prince Wilhelm Schneider of the Toreador has led his city to victory over a Sabbat incursion, unifying champions of the Camarilla and the rabble of the Anarchs alike. In honor of his victory and the sacrifices of the fallen, the Prince has called for a grand parlor which every Kindred in the city is expected to attend. However, his Praxis is not yet cast in iron and his victory not yet complete…

Saturday Night
Mage the Awakening: A Call to Arms:<br>Under the banner of the Black Knight, Magister of the Adamantine Arrow, all Pentacle-loyal Awakened have been called to unite. A hive of soul-stealing Reapers has been discovered deeply ensconced in the city of Savannah, traditionally held to be a no-man’s-land after a brutal war between the Pentacle and the Seers of the Throne in 2011. There are still landmines buried in this battlefield — secrets covered in dust, friends and foes left behind, and the dark truths of what had to be done to find victory for the Oracles.

The Climb
Saturday 7-10 pm
Six climbers embark on an illegal mountain climbing trip. Caught in a potentially lethal snowstorm, they must decide which two among them will be allowed to make it to the summit and achieve all the glory. Players run between three tents and play their characters, as well as scheme and cause problems for others’ plans.

Starfarers: The Funeral of Spider Cometborn
Spider Cometborn, the greatest rock star in the Taurus System, is dead. You who are left behind are his heirs: spiritual, financial, and musical. His dying wish was for his body to be released into a black hole. Now, you travel on a ship going closer to the black hole than has ever been done. Along the way, you’ll have to deal with ship malfunctions, gravity fluctuations, and giving a eulogy that properly rocks.

Superhero Bakery
11:30 am-1:30 pm
Heroes and villains work together in a bakery, despite causing many problems due to their horrendous or amazing powers. Players stomp around and act like heroes and villains bickering with each other and generally causing mayhem in a small town Savannah bakery.

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