Miss Sinister to Share Cosplay Tips at Gnomecon

GnomeCon is pleased to annoucne that Atlanta-area cosplayer Miss Sinister will be joining us this year. We can look forward to her sharing some of her costuming secrets and make-up magic. If you visit her Facebook page or other social media (links below), you can see photos of her in a variety of characters from the worlds of comic books, animé and video games.

Miss Sinister has been cosplaying since 2010. Her first convention was SakuraCon in Seattle, where she was Orochimaru from the Chunin Exams. In addition, she has played volleyball since the 5th grade.

According to an interview at geekxgirls.com, “When I was young, family friends/neighbors owned consoles and my older brother and I were immediately addicted. My folks got us our first handheld consoles (Sega Genesis Nomad), and I quickly became attached to Sonic the Hedgehog. Once a N64 came through our door, there was a healthy competition between my brother and I, and that’s when I made it my goal to be better than him and our friends.”

Check out more of her cosplay through the following links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MissSinisterCosplay?ref=br_tf