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Black Friday Special!

Hello and welcome to GnomeCon 2017!

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Black Friday Special!

Hello Gnomes! did we mention we are having another Escape Room?? Did we mention we like Black Friday? We are…

Flames of War Tournaments

Register now for our sanctioned Flames of War tournaments. The first will be on Saturday for adults, the second on Sunday for middle and high school students. Each one will follow 2nd edition rules, and there will be three rounds in the Late War scenario. Prize support will be provided. Check out our event grid…

Check Out Our Board Game Library!

Check Out Our Board Game Library! Our board game library just keeps getting better and better, and by the time GnomeCon rolls around in April, we’re expecting to have more than 500 games available. A special THANK YOU to Ryan St. Laurent and Richard Launius for their generous contributions. From popular favorites, such as Settlers…