Play to Win Games Return

Once again, GnomeCon 2015 will feature our popular Play to Win program. Last year, several lucky attendees walked away with a FREE game. This year, it could be your turn. Here’s how it works:

Each time a Play to Win game is requested, the players’ names will go on a list. For each game individuals play, there will be as many ‘entries’ to win; someone can play a game 5 times, and have 5 chances in the drawing.

On the last day of the convention, each of the games will have one slip of paper drawn. That slip will have the names of all the players that participated in the game. Dice will be rolled to determine which of the players wins the game! You or your spouse must be present to win. You may only win two Play and Win games.  If your name is selected more than twice, you get to decide which two games to keep. It’s that simple!

Check back often for some of the games that will be featured in the Play to Win program.