Press Badges

press passPress Passes

GnomeCon will gladly grant limited time badged access to our convention, as well as provide staff tours if needed.

Press passes are available to members of the Working Media such as television, radio stations, newspapers and other forms of mainstream news coverage on professional assignment for their employers. Media members may include reporters, photographers or editors for non-fannish news Web sites. Members of the working press are eligible to request appropriate press passes and credentials. Verification of status may be required.

Members of Alternative Press/Small Press Media  include established niche magazines, blogs, Web sites, podcasts and vidcasts. Members of the alternative press/small press media will be given access according to GnomeCon staffs’ arrangements.

Genre Press and fannish news sources such as fanzines and other less established Web sites are not working press for the purposes of this policy and are expected to purchase a membership.

  • All interviews must be scheduled before the convention.
  • Photographers- you must request permission before taking photos of Vendors and Artists Areas.
  • GnomeCon will not issue press passes to persons who are attending in their personal capacity.
  • GnomeCon reserves the right to deny press passes to individuals or media organizations as it sees fit. We also reserves the right to limit the amount of press passes and credentials issued.

You may e-mail GnomeCon Publicity.