Privateer Press Hosting Multiple Events at GnomeCon

Privateer Press, purveyors of Warmachine and Hordes, is hosting multiple events at GnomeCon. There will be dedicated open play for the Privateer Press range of games.

Among these will be a painted model competition. Models are to be submitted Friday and Saturday until 6 p.m., judging will occur Saturday evening. Winners will be announced Sunday at noon.

Iron Arena, including demos, is also on the schedule, with points being earned for playing different games. Points can be traded in for prizes at the Iron Arena desk.

There will also be a Five Fingers Throwdown tournament on Friday, as well as a Highlander: Jokers Wild tournament.

On Saturday, Privateer Press will host the GnomeCon Open. This tournament will go to a fixed number of rounds, the top eight players will be invited to the finals event on Sunday. Also on Saturday will be a Spell Draft tournament. Afterwards there will be an Iron Painter competition open to six participants. Prove your awesomeness by throwing down against five other contestants in a 45-minute challenge to paint the best model you can. The catch: you have only a limited color pallet and the occasional additional challenges thrown into the mix.

Sunday will see the finals of the GnomeCon Open, with eight players from the previous day facing off to be named GnomeCon champion.