Reserve Your Spot Now for the Warhammer 40k Tournament

Miniature game fans have a lot to look forward to at this year’s GnomeCon. In addition to the rapidly-growing Warhammer 40K tournament, there will also be terrific prize support from Privateer Press, publishers of Warmachine. Gamers will also have a chance to play the new Star Trek HeroClix game.

Only two openings remain for the Warhammer 40k tournament, so hurry to reserve your spot in this exciting miniature game. Produced by Games Workshop, it’s set in the 41st millennium AD, where Imperium of Man has expanded throughout the Milky Way galaxy and  is at war with various alien empires.

But don’t worry, gamers. Even if you should miss your opportunity for the Warhammer 40k tournament, we still have plenty of openings for Warmachine and HeroClix.

The award-winning Warmachine features military characters from the Iron Kingdoms D20 Role Playing Game setting. Battles are fought between large steam-powered warjacks controlled by warcasters, and troops consisting of humans and fantasy races.

HeroClix features your favorite comic book characters in minaiture form. Opponents pit heroes against villains, Marvel against DC or mix and match. There is also a Star Trek version of the game, matching Starfleet ships against Klingons, Romulans and more.