Silent Auction Saturday – Oct 24

christian-waggonerWelcome to another installment of Silent Auction Saturday. This is your chance to get the scoop on some of the items we’ll be featuring in our silent auction. Feel free to browse (drool at your own risk) while the spouse and kids are still in bed.

Our featured item this week is a fascinating Star Wars print, by Christian Waggoner. Much of his artwork features subtle reflections detailing key scenes from the Star Wars saga.

An Atlanta native, Christian brings a fresh new look to the world of Star Wars fine art. His uniquely enhanced photo-realistic style makes viewer wonder how he achieves such skillful detail with a mere brush and canvas.

He has gained prestige and success through more than a decade of high-profile commissions including impressive paintings of athletes for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta as well as this and future exciting new releases for the Star Wars fine art program.

You can see more of his work at