Savannah Chapter of SCA to Visit GnomeCon

SCAGnomeCon is happy to welcome the Shire of Forth Castle, a group within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

The SCA is a not-for-profit organization which recreates the idyllic life of the middle ages, recreating pre-17th century European cultures. Forth Castle spans several areas in eastern Georgia, including Savannah, Richmond Hill, Hinesville, Rincon, Springfield, Pooler and Pembroke.

Many SCA enthusiasts have various interests that translate into this hobby. Illumination and calligraphy, brewing, armor-smithing, leatherworking, jewelry-making, knitting, dancing, costuming, cooking, and more, are all fun things that we learn how to do as they did during the Middle Ages. A big draw to this organization is armoured combat. Gentlemen – as well as the ladies – can learn how to wear armour and safely fight in one-on-one tournaments or group battles.