Shamble Along with GnomeCon at the 2014 Zombie Walk

zombiesThe brains behind GnomeCon will be at this year’s Zombie Walk on Saturday, Nov. 1. You should be there, too, dressed as a zombie ready to eat some brains or at least walk while dragging one foot.

The walk is FREE with a canned food donation. The walk begins promptly at 7 p.m. in Emmet Park off of Bay Street and travels down River Street.

In 2013 the Zombie Walk collected more than 1,400 lbs of food. That’s 500 lbs more than 2012.

The event starts at noon and lasts until 8 p.m. The gnomes arrive at 12 p.m. and bring with them fun zombie-related things, especially zombie board games. There might even be a door prize for some lucky zombie. At 7 p.m. the walk begins and lurches down River Street.

Of course you should be at the zombie walk early because they have lots of excitement planned such as vendors, food and drink, bands, entertainers and other activities. After donating a canned item to get in, you will receive a wristband that you can use to get FREE face painting. The face painters will be there until 6:30 p.m., and they’re sure to be busy.

Are gnome brains tasty? Well, you won’t know unless you go. And, remember, the Zombie Walk is family friendly so don’t go overboard with the fake blood.

The day ends with an 18+ Zombie Prom Afterparty Club Event.  For more information, check out