Sneak Peek at GnomeCon’s Warhammer 40K Demos

The Imperial Forgeworld of Corinthe is in turmoil and embroiled in bitter war. The planet’s ancient loyalties to the Imperium have been broken, and the people of Cornthe have embraced the ways of the Tau Empire. To restore order to the planet Corinthe, the Imperium has dispatched the red-armored Blood Angels.

Phaeron Onel, of the once mighty Necron Lords, sees Corinthe as it truly is: the unawakened tomb world of the Overlord Ra-nefer-ka-sotep-en-ra. He will stop at nothing to have the vicious overlord serve in his royal court. Corinthe must die so the Tomb World can be awakened.

To Warboss Goreteef, the promise of battle is too great to pass up. The tin’eadz said there would be every kind of killing he could want.

Who will be victorious? Victory points will be calculated for every game (points will be tracked by army, not player) to determine who is in control of Corinthe at the end of the demo.

This scenario is designed to allow all games to flow into one collective outcome to generate interest. Rules, units and vehicles will be kept simple to insure quick and easy game flow. Army lists will be pre-built so that they can be placed directly into the hands of players so that time will not be wasted. The objective is to get people moving models and rolling dice.

The demo will consist of three tables, each with a maximum of four players. There is a certain amount of flexibility built into this. For example, a group of four friends could easily play against two or three other people or simply play against each other.

Each table will run two full games approximately four hours (probably less) each, and each scenario will consist of basic Warhammer 40k games: Purge the Alien and Dawn of War Deployment.