Steampunk Author Winfield H. Strock III Returns to GnomeCon

Cold War submarine veteran, Winfield H. Strock III, has finally discovered his life’s passion in writing. And it only took a brush with death for him to take his calling seriously. As a hotel night desk clerk Winfield struggled to begin his life anew in the civilian world. Bored by bad television and infomercials, he took to writing as a hobby suited to his solitary job and hyperactive imagination. Surviving a brain tumor brought his priorities better into focus and his hobby became his obsession. He joined a local writer’s workshop (which he now facilitates) and found a series of patient and helpful critique partners.

A fan of thought provoking science fiction and history, Winfield’s first works embraced both in a pair of steampunk novels – Adventures Above the Aether and Aether Legion – and a prequel short story. His works frame familiar and controversial issues within fantastic environments and from challenging perspectives.
His latest novel, Red Sounding, is available now. It is Cold War tale of vampires and Soviet Submarines.