The Return of Professor Fear Returns

Facebook-Prof-Fear-Quiz-OfficialThe quiz-master cometh!

It was a time of anarchy and terror. According to the Tablets of Haasu, the time was near for a great hero to arrive – unfortunately, what we got was a nerd.

All of time and space was torn asunder and lo, out spewed the insane fantasy fan Professor Fear. This super-fan is destined to share his knowledge of all sacred genres: horror, sci-fi, sword & sorcery. You will know him by his stupid hat, long grey hair and academic raiment. He comes bearing trivia questions and prizes!

He does not conquer our dimension alone!

From the Temporal Tides of Tintiladon, Pinky joins the Professor in their bid to challenge the world with quiz questions. Recognize her by her pink dress. Know her by the disembodied brain she carries in her arms. Love her by her quick wit. Fear her because she is a genuine crazy person.

Join Professor Fear and Pinky as they host a quiz show like no other. Live on stage with lots of audience interaction, the show is now in its fifth year of fun! The Fear Board is filled with bizarre quiz questions. Members of the audience form teams to answer these questions. A correct answer and you win a Fear Buck. Players use these Fear Bucks to buy great prizes at the end of the show. Whoever has the most Fear Bucks gets first choice from the prize pile!

Triumph or tragedy await you! Join us!