Twilight Imperium Invades GnomeCon

Twilight Imperium – one of the cornerstone space-age tabletop strategy games of our time. There isn’t a gamer out there who hasn’t heard of or played the legendary title. Immense yourself in a galaxy filled with turmoil. Take command of your race and lead your empire to galactic victory through multiple means. Will the galaxy fear you, or love you? Will you corner the market through galactic trade, or will you rule through political intrigue and diplomacy? Will you command vast fleets of starships, or will you use subterfuge to pit your enemies against each other and have them do your dirty work?
Command your empire as you see fit. The paths lie before you, the fate of your empire hangs in the balance.

The action starts at noon on Friday, March 6, and doesn’t let up until Sunday afternoon. Everyone is welcome, regardless of skill level or experience. Rules explained for new players in first few rounds of gameplay. Game lasts anywhere from 4-6 hours. Expansions included in game set. Number of players: 5-8, including the host. Prizes will be provided.