Hello Gnomenteers!!

Calling all Gnome Initiates! Wanna volunteer at GnomeCon? Wanna get a free membership badge?

Volunteers! Calling all volunteers! You make us great! GnomeCon needs you; We are a small group of geeks who lack any time travel skills, so we must rely on volunteers to be in all places at all times!

Here’s what we ask: 8 hours of your time! No arms, no legs, just a measly 8 hours. We need a vast array of skills such as:

  • General Help and Gophering- i.e. running around doing tasks for the staff, giving vendors lunch breaks, picking up said lunch for staff!
  • Help Running Panels, Events, Workshops- or working with the talent and the masses as is deemed necessary! Audio and Video skills also come in handy!
  • Setting Up and Breaking Down- AKA get GnomeCon started or cleaned up! this may involve lifting, grunting and sweating! Or maybe arranging tables and the like.
  • Art Show Help- help set up and take down, give artists lunch breaks, guard against thieves!
  • Front Desk Help- Greet the masses! Taking money, sell tickets, t-shirts, etc. Be friendly! Let us know if you have retail experience!
  • Board Game Library- Help run the library, check games in and out. Teach games when needed.
  • Guest Relations- Pick up and drop off guests (including airport runs), help them, play host by feeding them, running errands, giving local advice and get to them to their events on time!
Agreement: I understand that I am volunteering to help at GnomeCon. I understand that I will not be paid for this work. I understand that no one is authorized by GnomeCon to make any private offer of payment of any kind. I have read and understand the GnomeCon con rules and regulations as well as the volunteer terms and conditions. I hereby release and forever discharge GnomeCon and the Coastal Georgia Center, individually and as a group, and their officers, agents, and volunteers from any and all liability and responsibility should I be injured or hurt while in the performance of the work I have voluntarily undertaken. I affirm that I will not volunteer for any task for which I am not qualified by training or experience to perform.

Please indicate these skills or others on your form!

We will have a pre-con meet-up for introductions etc. Please come to that!

Please know if you sign up to volunteer and don’t show up (without notice of sickness or emergency) you will not be asked to volunteer again.

We will try to make sure you get to do that one thing at GnomeCon you really wanted to do.

If you work at least 8 hours of volunteer time, GnomeCon gives you a free membership, a free t-shirt & dice, meals during the times you work, and a fun filled volunteer thank you party after we recoup from the convention.  Returning volunteers receive their free t-shirt and dice before the convention. Newbies will get them at the volunteer party.

Thank you and we could not do it without you.