Where we send our profits!

Hello! In the last bit of time before we start the next fabulous GnomeCon Weekend in March, We thought we’d remind you about where we like to send our proceeds!

We love geeks, we love geek life, we support geeks. We especially think literacy is important and we think all young geeks start with a good book. Our proceeds we send to the Live Oak Public Library system are usually earmarked for the Summer Reading Program to get and keep kids of all ages reading and engaged in learning. (Did you know our local Live Oak branches are joining teams with the larger Georgia Pines library system soon? Update your library cards, so you can take advantage of the expansion!)

Secondly, we understand what it’s like to be children with no voice. There’s a reason ‘nerd bullying’ is a common plot in media. Some of us know up close, what it’s like. And all of us want children who have no voice and can’t speak up, to have an advocate. For this reason, we send another portion of our proceeds to the Coastal Children’s Advocacy Center.

You may notice at GnomeCon we occasionally collect an extra fee, often this is to pay for materials for the event involved. There is one event that collects money just for the purpose of donation to our benefactors. And that is the Escape room, this year themed The Matryoshka Case. We hope to see you try to solve that puzzle and come play some games and have fun with us at this year’s GnomeCon.